My 2010 in review

by Alistair

A quick summary of the highlights of my year:

  • Started out living in Napier, NZ, finished up in Brisbane, Aus. Miss some things about Napier, but no regrets. Brisbane is a fantastic place to live, and I’m not moving again in a hurry.
  • Started out working as a lecturer at EIT, finished up as an engineer at Merge Gaming. Found that I was happy with the career change. No regrets at all.
  • Also found that (thankfully) I still had my coding chops, and that I enjoy building software.
  • Started learning about all the neat stuff that’s been happening in the industry that I missed due to a myopic focus on my PhD.
  • Oh yes, officially (finally) graduated in April with a doctorate.
  • Presented a paper at ACSW2010 in Brisbane in January.
  • Started learning about web design and development, something I’d always done my best to maintain a militant ignorance about. Remedial education in HTML, CSS, Javascript. Always wanted to learn Python, so getting into Django. Turns out it’s all actually pretty fun.
  • Started a little web project that I’d like to get finished over the summer.
  • Haven’t got out mountain biking as much as I’d have liked, but discovered some nice trails around Mt Coot-tha. They’re not a jot on what I had on my doorstep this time last year though *sigh*.

So overall, it’s been a great year with a lot of change, all of which has thankfully turned out to be positive. Hopefully 2011 will be slightly less hectic but just as productive.