Getting my head around Rails

by Alistair

A nice into to the the nuts & bolts of Rails development:

Starting Ruby on Rails: What I Wish I Knew

Ruby on Rails is an elegant, compact and fun way to build web applications. Unfortunately, many gotchas await the new programmer. Now that I have a few rails projects under my belt, here’s my shot at sparing you the suffering I experienced when first getting started.

And if you want your mind blown, download and watch the following video:

Creating a weblog in 15 minutes with Rails 2

So, time for me to brush up on my Ruby and get my head around Rails. Which is all well and good, but I’ve just discovered I must have eBay-ed my copy of the Pickaxe book a couple of years ago, thinking I’d never need it again. Lesson learned: I will never part with another computing text again.