Fixing Audio Input on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

by Alistair

I’ve been having troubles with audio input using Skype on Jaunty. The problem wasn’t with Skype, but rather the audio input settings. The end result was that the input audio was extremely faint, no matter how much fiddling around you did with the various mixer levels.

A lot of people have had similar issues (usually triggered by Skype not working), as a quick google shows, but none fixed the problem until I saw a suggestion which fixed things for me.

Basically, you want to install an alternative volume control for pulse audio as such:

% sudo apt-get install gnome-volume-control-pulse

This will add a new volume control applet to your system tray, and it seems to give you access to an actual working audio input volume control. The original one, along with fiddling with alsamixer, didn’t help one bit.

Use the new volume applet to set the audio input to max, make a test call in Skype, and you should notice a big difference. You can pretty safely remove the old volume applet from your system tray if this fixes the problem.