Intel Brings Parallel Computing to High School

by Alistair

Intel have been making a concerted effort recently to educate software developers and university faculty about the fundamentals of parallel programming. And now it seems they are also involving high school students.

Intel Brings Parallel Computing to High School

Earlier this month Intel announced it was helping lead a parallel programming experience for high school students. The three-day “Clubhouse Parallel Universe Boot-Camp” was held at Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS). This idea is consistent with Intel’s overall drive to help develop the expertise that applications developers — and ultimately users — need to get the most out of the company’s chips.

Whether or not this is too early to start teaching parallelism is for other to argue (and there is still no consensus whether to teach early or teach late), hopefully they’re managing spread the fact that parallelism is going to be a fact of life for developers in the future.